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The Project, Third phase of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (referred to as TEQIP-III) is fully integrated with the Twelfth Five-year Plan objectives for Technical Education as a key component for improving the quality of Engineering Education in existing institution with a special consideration for Low Income States and Special Category States and support to strengthen few affiliated technical universities to improve their policy, academic and management practices. The TEQIP-III project will be implemented as a Central Sector Scheme (CSS) which means 100% funding by the Government of India. The Project has been started with effect from 01 April 2017 and will end in September 2021. Three Engineering Institutions and One Technical University of Himachal Pradesh have been selected for TEQIP-III Project and fund that can be claimed by each participating Engineering College and University over the Project period is as follows:

  1. JNGEC -10 Cr.
  2. RGGEC - 10 Cr.
  3. ABVGIE&T - 10 Cr.
  4. HPTU - 20 Cr.

Project Objectives:

The Project will focus on the following objectives given as under:

  1. Improving quality and equity in engineering institutions.
  2. System-level initiatives to strengthen sector governance and performance which include widening the scope of Affiliating Technical Universities (ATUs) to improve their policy, academic and management practices towards affiliated institutions.
  3. Twinning Arrangements to Build Capacity and Improve performance of institutions and ATUs participating in focus states.
  4. Improving student learning.
  5. Improving student employability.
  6. Increasing faculty availability, productivity and motivation.

The Various activities to be carried out under TEQIP-III Project.

  1. Procurement of Goods (equipment, furniture, books LRs, Software and minor items) and minor civil works for improvement in teaching, training and learning facilities.
  2. Academic Activities (Improvement in Teaching, Learning and Research Competence i.e. Improve student learning, Student employability, Increasing faculty productivity and motivation, Establishment twinning system, Twining arrangements with institutions to build capacity and improved performance.
  3. Incremental Operating Cost (The cost of operation and maintenance of equipment, office expenses, hiring of vehicles, consumables, salaries and allowances of regular and contract faculty and staff against posts created under the Project. It will also include travel costs incurred for the Project Management activities i.e. visit to the NPIU, the SPIU, and Universities etc.



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